Six Tips To Overcoming Struggle

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What should I do if I’m not achieving my goals or following my routines?

1. First of all, don’t quit or give up! This is a process and you won’t be perfect at it. Be gentle with yourself and realistic. Don’t throw it all out just because of a temporary “slump” it’s OK. The goals and routines are written to remind you of what is important and needed, what God led you to commit to in your heart. It should not be a guilt and shame trap. So keep the proper perspective and know that you can return back to them at any time- there is no right or wrong or judgment, it’s simply a tool to help keep you focused.  

2. Expect resistance- your flesh and Satan- neither want you to make progress or do what is healthy spirit, soul or body, so be ready to fight against those temptations and negative thoughts. Stand firm and fight! Don’t listen to the voice of the enemy- (You can’t do this, you’ll never change, God doesn’t care about this…and on and on) Instead combat with scripture and put on the full armor of God. 

3. Don’t overthink them. When it comes to discipline- just do it. This is why writing it down can help you overcome the temptation to get distracted and do something else.  

4. Set a timer and go! FLYlady is behind this nugget of wisdom. I don’t know what it is about the timer, but when I am really feeling the resistance to do what I know I need to do, setting a timer and just starting is super helpful. Literally works every time! If you don’t know about FLYlady- check her out! 

5. Your goals or routines might need to be adjusted. Baby steps- start small, adjust the order of things, keep it simple.  

6. Most importantly, but saving the best for last… remember to call on the Lord and expect that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. He is there to help, guide, energize and encourage- so seek Him with your whole heart- allow Him to be your strength as He has promised.  

I have had a bit of a “slump” week, so I too am keeping these things in mind as I return to my tool to continue to move forward on this healthy life journey with the Lord.  


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