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Digital or Paper?  Probably Both! Using a digital calendar to keep appointments and some lists is convenient and efficient- especially when you can access it from your phone. Over the years, however, I have found that nothing has the same feel and personalization as a paper planner. I need both digital and paper, and there is a place for both in your life too. Let me illustrate a few key points you must remember when using any planner.  Let’s start with what often goes wrong…


In the past, you may have bought many different paper planners, were excited about all the possibilities, and could sense that it would be JUST WHAT YOU NEEDED!  You used it for the first few days or weeks, and then…it didn’t seem to work anymore.  If you have had this experience, you are not alone.  

Nobody wants to waste their money or time on something that will quit working just a few weeks later!   

So let’s talk about how to use your new planner successfully and ensure it works well for its lifetime. 


View it like a new vehicle. You can’t just look at it or set it aside and forget about it and expect it to take you somewhere.  You need to GET IN IT to get to where you want to go each day.  You must know your vehicle well, and understand how to use it and how it works.  You must discover all the features to maximize your enjoyment.  The more you use your vehicle, the more comfortable it becomes to you, and getting in it and using it becomes second nature. 


Many of us call our friends to “dump” on them. If you are blessed enough, that friend will be a good listener.  You feel better at the end of the phone call because you got to “unload” everything on your heart and mind. We need that friend, and why would we ignore a supportive and encouraging friend that brings clarity, calm, and balance to our lives? A planner is similar; dump all those to-dos into your planner and let it support you in bringing order to the swirling, ongoing, never-ending tasks, visions, and projects. You will never be disappointed that you took some time alone with your planner. Little by little, it will become your most helpful and supportive companion.


It will become a habit as you consistently engage with it and unload on it. Like developing any habit, you may need to have reminders and encouragers set up for yourself.  Post-it notes, reminders on your phone, adding it to your routines lists, accountability, support, and encouragement can all work together to ensure that using your planner becomes a habit.  Developing a new habit isn’t always easy, but it is possible. Ensuring your new planner continues to work for you means it must become a habit.  Make it part of your routine in the morning, evening, and throughout the day.


Take your time to read over the Introduction pages and The Getting to Know Your Planner pages.  This is not a sprint but a marathon.  When you know your planner and how it can support you, you will seek it out and continue utilizing it.  


Let go of needing to do it all right away or perfectly. Let the process unfold naturally and with no expectations or judgment. Be kind to yourself as you begin and continue. If you fall off the planner wagon for a day, week, or more, just pick it up and re-engage. I promise it still works, even if life happens.  You are doing your best and can keep going. Allow it to be a journey. Be loving to yourself as you are learning.  We are all always learning and improving. Success is in the journey, not the destination.  

We believe in The HealThy Life Planner™ wholeheartedly. If you are ready to ensure that this planner serves you well as your vehicle and friend along your journey, Muneyi and I would love to lend a helping hand.  This planner is our vehicle and friend! We would be honored to lend a hand as you navigate this journey with another close  friend, your planner, and us at HealThy Life!


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